Privacy Policy

"You have control over who sees what you share on Lords  . That way, you’re free to express yourself the way you want." Word from Us.


We Don't share any personal details of our users and we never track anyone's profile.

How You’re Protected on Lords  .

We have top-rate security measures in place to help protect you and your data when you use Lords  .

Secure browsing is one way that we protect your information. Your activity (ex: posting a status or sending a message) is encrypted, which means it’s turned into code so people can't access it without your permission.

If you accidentally click on a spammy post, we have tools to detect if you have viruses on your computer and help you remove it.

When it comes to your personal information, we don’t share it without your permission (unless required by law). To learn more about the information we receive about you and how it’s used, visit the How is this information shared? section of our data policy.